Dissertation Supervision

We regularly supervise BSc and MSc dissertation projects. If you are looking for a topic – and are interested in our general line of research (see the rest of this website) – or think you might have something, please contact us. A list of open topics, access on request. Here are some guidelines for doing a project with us (also relevant if you want to propose an external project for which you’d like our co-supervision).


2021, Summer Semester

Teachers: Anne Beyer (AB), Jana Götze (JG), Sharid Loáiciga (SL), Brielen Madureira Lasota (BML), Maike Paetzel (MP), Philipp Sadler (PS), David Schlangen (DS)

  • MSc Cognitive Systems, Doing Science and Conducting Research (BML)
  • BSc CL/Ling, Programmiersprache (AB, BML)
  • BSc CL, PRO2-A, Programmierung II (JG)
  • MSc CogSys, Deep Learning for NLP (SL)
  • BSc CL, Machine Translation (SL)
  • MSc CogSys, Language, Vision, & Interaction Project Seminar (PS, DS)
  • BSc CL, Modelling Dialogue: Theories, Data (DS)
  • MSc CogSys, Human/Robot Interaction: Psychological and Computational Perspectives (DS, with Martin Fischer, embodied cognition Potsdam)
2020, Winter Semester

Teachers: Jana Götze (JG), Sharid Loáiciga (SL), Brielen Madureira Lasota (BML), Maike Paetzel (MP), David Schlangen (DS)

  • MSc Cognitive Systems, BM1, Advanced Natural Language Processing (DS, w/ Berfin Aktas)
  • BSC Computational Linguistics, CLT, Computerlinguistische Techniken (DS, BML)
  • BSc CL, METH-A, Evaluation of NLP Systems (BML)
  • MSc Linguistics, LIN-MS-012, Basic Programming (BML)
  • MSc CogSys, PM1, Coreference Resolution (SL)
  • MSc CogSys, FM3, Foundations of Linguistics (SL)
  • BSc CL, PRO1-A, Programmierung I (JG)
2020, Summer Semester

Teachers: Anne Beyer (AB), Jana Götze (JG), Sharid Loáiciga (SL), Brielen Madureira Lasota (BML), Robin Rojowiec (RR), David Schlangen (DS)

  • MSc Cognitive Systems, PM, Computational Semantics with Pictures (DS)
  • MSc CogSys, AM1, Deep Learning for NLP (SL)
  • MSc CogSys, AM2, Reinforcement Learning for NLP (BML)
  • BSc Computational Linguistics, ANW-A, Dialogmodellierung: Praxis & Implementation [practical dialogue system design] (DS)
  • BSc CL, METH-A, Dialogmodellierung: Theorie & Empirie [empiricial and theoretical approaches to dialogue] (DS)
  • BSc CL, PRS, Intro to Python (BML, RR)
  • BSc CL, FSA, Introduction to Formal Languages & Automata (AB)
  • BSc CL, PRO2-A, Programming II (JG)
  • BSc CL, ANW-A, Machine Translation (SL)
  • Potsdam Computational Linguistics Colloquium (DS)
2019, Winter Semester

(David Schlangen only)

2019, Summer Semester

(David Schlangen only)

Pre 2019, at Bielefeld

In Bielefeld, I (DS) regularly taught various introductory classes in computational linguistics, both at BA and MA level, as well as a series on Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (reading seminal books like Anscombe’s Intention, Clark’s Using Language, Asher & Lascarides’ Logics of Conversation, Ginzburg’s Interactive Stance), classes on Spoken Dialogue Systems, and a class on “Data Journalism”.